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glass balcony overlooking valley
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Balcony 1 balcony 2 Balcony 3 Balcony 4 Balcony 5


Balconies make a fantastic addition to any property. As mentioned in other sections we work with architects - taking their general drawings through to installation; and it is not unusal to work directly with the householder or property developer to realise their brief.

The first image pictured here is a one off balcony produced directly for the home owners. We took their ideas, prepared drawings and created and installed the stainless steel and glass structure.

At the other end of the spectrum we built and installed Juliettes for an entire housing complex in York, briefed by Taylor Woodrow. You can also see our work for a local golf club in the images opposite.

Types of balconies

• Full patio balconies
• Decking balconies
• Restoration work
• Cantilevered balconies
• Bedroom Juliettes
• Bespoke balconies
• Stainless steel and glass balconies

Arke staircase apporved re-seller and installers
Architectural Metal work
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Architectural Metal work
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Architectural Metal work
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